Saturday, May 28, 2016

Music News

To My church family,

I hope this letter finds each of you doing well.

It has been such a wonderful Spring so far! We experienced a beautiful series of services around the Easter season, a fantastic performance by the Promisedland Quartet, and the first performance from the Keystone Praise Band! There are so many people to thank to make these things possible, but really I can just say thank you to our church family as a whole. Each of you has played a part in these new ventures for Keystone.

There are so many challenges to growth. I remember when I was young, I would get such terrible growing pains in my legs that, while shipping at the grocery story with my mom, I would have to sit down and just cry because I couldn't tolerate the pain.  If I knew then how temporary the pain would be and how many other things in life would hurt, I probably could have gotten up and moved on - but in that moment, nothing else seemed to exist but the pain.

I know that this is transitional period that the church is going through is tough (to say the least), but it is temporary.  Look at all the marvelous things we have accomplished as a congregation by banding together and making a commitment to what we love - the Lord and our church family. We can do just the same as we continue forward. We can work together to make sure that the plan the Lord has for Keystone comes to fruition.  Continue to be prayerful.  Continue to be worshipful, Continue to be loving to one another.  Continue to lift one another up, rather than bring each other down.  Continue to look for and strive to accomplish what the Lord has in plan.  I believe there is great work in the future for the church and I look forward to our part in its growth.

All my best,
Jeremy Craft, Music director